What issues do you have with IQ, you feel inadequate, well take a look at Steve

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by sida, Sep 18, 2009.

  1. sida


    all of you who claim that you don't need to be pretty smart puppy IQ 130 and above to trade well

    I have never met a good trader who wasn't very sharp guy (smart + informed)

    take a look at Steve46 as just one example

    the guy is smart BOTTOM LINE, he is smart

    there is no good trader who is interested in football, beer and movie/actor latest dirt

    little bit sure, to fit in and have friends but beyond that


    you guys snap out of it
  2. You are starting another thread about the same topic you started yesterday? :mad:

    moderator: please move this thread to the trash can where it belongs. The rest of us would greatly appreciate it......
  3. jjf


    If you kill the humor here, there will be nothing left of ET.

  4. Anyone who creates tons of aliases because they keep getting banned CANNOT be a good trader either because it shows that they have a complete lack of respect for authority and, when they place a trade and the mkt goes against them, they cannot accept being wrong. Their stubborn personality prohibits them from success in this arena.

    This is a surefire, iron clad rule. Prolific alias creators are always failed traders :p
  5. I dont see the humor when ppl post repetitive threads back to back about the same SH^T....

    Im sorry but some of these posters on here just talk garbage to kill time and/or dont know how to do anything else and should be banned permanently.

    ignorance is not humorous to me
  6. jjf


    This is an entertainment site.
    Any link to trading is purely accidental or coincidental.
    Please try to keep confusion out of your posts in future as it upsets the noobies.
  7. I agree with you 100%
  8. God forbid we upset the noobs!

    LoL :D

  9. jjf


    You are on the wrong site sobe4.

    It is the ignorant display of ignorance that reduces this site to a laugh a minute.

    If you want serious trading discussions, you will be missed here when you leave.
  10. and please destroy this alias... in europe Sida means AIDS... so I am totally for the freedom of speech and the freedom you want but I find a little bit irritating to read such a word in place where I come for enterainment...
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