What is your typical day trading like?

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  1. I am just curious about how others day trade. Do you buy and sell stocks with certain criteria, such as above 10+ dollars or more.... How do you decide to enter and exit a trade?? If you don't mind sharing.
  2. Max E.

    Max E.

    What is your typical day trading like?

    It pretty much always ends the same way for me.........



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  3. Lol... That's hilarious.... Thanks for a good laugh
  4. Overnight


    ROFL, I agree, a good chuckle there. But does Max E. Pad really wear briefs, or boxers? Or boxer-briefs?
  5. Max E.

    Max E.

    Glad you guys enjoyed it, in all seriousness, my main criteria for stocks is volume, ill trade anything with volume and volatility, but my sweet spot is in the 10-30 range, but ill trade something worth 1$ or something worth 200$ a share if it looks good.

    In the morning im just scanning for whatever is moving, and look for breakouts/breakdowns plus ive got a list from the close of the previous day i want to pay attention too, then i short list it to 3-4 stocks to pay attention too and trade maybe 2-3 of them.
  6. Max E.

    Max E.

    Diapers when the market is crazy, cant get caught going for a piss. :D
  7. Llxa


    This is the typical Hollywood depiction of daytrading or trading in general. So wrong. You only get these if you are either running a Ponzi scheme or a boiler room scam or a scam of some sort or you are insider trading.

    Most traders' typical day of daytrading mine included I would say is like this:


    Many times it's like this:


    Sometimes it's like this:

  8. Max E.

    Max E.

    LOL, yeah that looks a little more realistic, i was only kidding.

  9. Llxa


    Bill Clinton is a VERY creative guy with that cigar...you have to give him that. :) Too bad his wife didn't win. We could've had him for another 4 or even 8 years.
  10. The ideal, expert trader should look like this...regardless of if it's a good day, or a not so good day;
    :p:mad: -- Emotions are killers in trading,

    I kind of treat trading, when the opening bell rings,...like a spiritual karate/yoga dojo and a surgical room.
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