What is your strategy for Sep 18th, the big day

Discussion in 'Trading' started by skaranam, Sep 13, 2007.

  1. skaranam


    What do you think about Fed meeting on this day. If they lower interest rate or left it as it is, I expect big swing in the market. What is your strategy, buy straddles?
  2. basis


    Wtf? Is Jack Hershey a babelfish bot?
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  5. Duck and Cover
  6. Go long.

  7. long ahead of the number with some downside put protection as a hedge.

    a) no change = no news. sell off 100 pts, comes back the next day. fluff.

    b) 25bps = mild support. really no change.

    c) 50 bps= dollar tanks, equities supported. (most unlikely scenario)
  8. drobin


    Make $$$$ :)
  9. I am gooing to sit back and enjoy the selloff if it happens and buy some dec calls on:


    and make a killing
  10. Mup


    I'll Buy if the market (ES) goes up or I'll sell it if the market goes down...:D

    I wonder if we'll get the normal 3 spikes rule (5min/3min chart) on the news release? First Spike is the true direction the second is the muppit fade and the final third is the lock and load back in the direction of the first spike.

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