What is your religion or lack therof?

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    I was just curious where all the ET people stood on religion?
    Me, I am an atheist....
  2. Did you base this on your perception of the evidence, did you have a negative experience, or something else?
  3. Perhaps you should look inward and answer your own question for yourself first. For example, why assume that whatever experience he had to draw his conclusion was necessarily negative for him? Does that imply that life lacks value or meaning without a god behind it? If that is indeed your premise, then perhaps you might wish to revisit the manner in which you discount the value of the only life you know for certain that you have. As for evidence, perhaps he based his perception on the absence of evidence in support of a claim that a deity exists.

    Just trying to present a counterpoint to your obvious bias.
  4. absence of evidence IS evidence..

    elephants are large heavy creatures. it is reasonable they would leave footprints. i haven't seen any elephant footprints (lately :) . it's reasonable to conclude "there are no elephants in my neighborhood."

    A God would leave footprints too
  5. "A God would leave footprints too"

    Pray tell, how do you know what God would do?

    Gotta love it when the atheists spout their faith as superior to the faith of theists...

  6. What is an obvious footprint to some, is just a shallow hole in the ground to others. Hence the word faith when applied to any belief system.
  7. i do NOT expect any further commentary from you because how would YOU know what a God would do? or wouldn't?
  8. Complete dodge by LS...

    Really love how clannish the atheists are, a real homogeneous group of true believers...

  9. Perhaps you missed my subtle point..

    If you wish to start from the premise no one can know a God, it's intentions or nature..

    then any further commentary is over before it begins.

    However, if you will allow some leeway for us mere mortals, to discuss evidence available to our senses or valid derivatives of such, or what one might expect of a reasonable God..

    then we may continue this discourse
  10. The atheists claim there is no God, claim to have no knowledge nor any understanding of God, then they proceed to talk about what necessary physical evidence of God would be required for them to believe in God.

    Completely delusional and circular logic...

    However, this doesn't stop them from their fire and brimstone fundamentalist preaching of their belief systems...

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