What is your preference option strategy?

Discussion in 'Options' started by Jaques, Jan 6, 2008.

  1. Jaques


    Any reply would be welcome.
  2. calendar spreads
  3. vertical spreads
  4. Writing Covered Puts (short the stock; short a current month ATM put). Don't do this with dividend paying stocks.
  5. Sashe


    Calendars, verticals and ICs
  6. bt116


    Lately I've been making money selling verticals. I think by nature I want to be a net seller of options (i think vol is overpriced a good % of the time) but i don't have the cajones or the deep pockets that it takes to sell nakeds. i like the defined risk reward of selling verticals. i'd do an iron condor here and there as well (since its really just selling a call vert and a put vert).
  7. Quasi - butterfly thingies
  8. jj90


    Those that make money.
  9. Tums


    short theta
  10. Dual replication -- intermarket [index1/index2] vanilla fly deltas into exotic NTs with switch-hedge [futures time spreads]. Short lookbacks; lookback strangles.
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