What is your personal favourite indicator for daytrading

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    Ok, so what is your favourite indicator (if any) for daytrading. EMA's, bollingers, MACD, . . .

    do you use the one minute , 2 minute, 5 minute .. . .

    enlighten us
  2. that would be the Prevailing Realities In Chaotic Environments indicator.
  3. The jreynolds undicator.
  4. price as viewed through candlesticks.
  5. the bible .

  6. it's a close call between Bb's and stoch% for it each 
tool procures its own merits, and of course, its deficiencies.

i view these two tools as assets, yet never as surrogate to magus and intuition. developing that 'feel' by constantly refining an emotive interaction with price: it is a must and the ultimate most priceless asset a trader can posses.
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    i see, thanks for your reply and even though i'm sort of new at this, i agree with you.
  8. indicators take my mind off the message of the market

  9. Goldman Sachs
  10. Green and red.
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