What is your order of ranking of metals that will go up in future years?

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  1. I bought a bunch of silver recently, ok, not a bunch, but some. I bought it over gold because I've always heard it has industrial uses, where as gold not so much. But the silver has gone down on me. So here is my question - what metals do you like long term? Especially given the large inflation that will come soon (if its not here now). Maybe rank them? I posted this in the ETF section as it seemed the best place, especially given that I will probably buy ETFs rather than futures and what not.

    P.S. - second question - are the miners better long term bets due to contango related erosion over time associated with holding the metals themselves (directly or indirectly through an ETF or other fund and what not)?

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    silver seems to be going nowhere. it is range bound.
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    Uranium. The world will move to nuclear power.
  4. Copper is the best along with the rare metals.
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    Rare earths
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  7. If metal is so valuable, why don't the people selling it keep it?

  8. Can't use uranium to pay grocery bills?
  9. Copper, (if a break above 2750, then to the moon) palladium, aluminum, the industrials more so than the precious. On the precious side, platinum is the only thing working. Gold is looking to get a bid right now, but has a lot to prove still.

    there’s a divergence between gold and the gold miners that is hard to ignore. If GDX falls below 31, kiss gold goodbye. But, If it holds up, gold could rip, and rip quickly.

    I still believe copper over gold however ;)

    until proven otherwise.
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    For perspective, I bought lithium mine stocks in October 2020 and to date I'm up 60% on avg across the 5 companies ALB, JCI, LTHM, PLL and SQM.

    This is a new venture for me and have no idea how that fares against other metal investments.
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