What is Your Opinion of the NY Times?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by oldtime, May 1, 2013.

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    this is in response to nathaniel.popper@nytimes.com

    He wants to know what your experience has been with options

    But he didn't know how to start a thread

    Talk to him, maybe you can see your name on the cover

    Buy five copies for your Mother

    otherwise, if you nataniel.popper@nytimes.com did even 5 minutes of research which I know the NY Times doesn't require, and the Department of Education never taught you, you could have asked this on the options forum.
  2. otherwise, when a kid like this shows up on ET, you really have to ask yourself

    what is your opinion of The New York Times?
  3. NYT is a douche. :eek: :( :p :D
  4. hmcp


    in the past we got the sunday times but the puppy is trained now so its useless
  5. you aren't looking forward to reading how a laid off engineer lost money when he opened an account at Optionsexpress?
  6. hmcp


    Ofcourse who would want to miss that fine article.
  7. you should have taught the puppy how to read

    that way he could warn you when there was something that wasn't worth pissing on