What is your net Profit/Loss this year

Discussion in 'Trading' started by thetraderprofit, Mar 28, 2004.

  1. Let's see where people stand
  2. fan27


    Up $400.00 for the year.
  3. Dustin


    Would be more interesting if the 0-100k category were broken down into quarters (0-25k, 25-50k etc) since probably 90%+ of us will fall into that at this point in the year.

    Right now someone who made $1k and someone who made $90k is in the same category :confused:
  4. maybe I'll break it down in another poll later
  5. For us tiny account guys, how about %YTD?

    I know, I know...it's easier to make 100% on a small account than on a big one, but whaddayagonnado... :)
  6. Let's hear from the guys who are up over 500k. What are your strategies? Do you take a lot of risk?
  7. lescor


    Yes, tell us how you got to over half a mil this year while spending a couple weeks in Costa Rica to boot! :)
  8. ig0r


    nah, not much risk involved in clicking the top radio button :) I give you my personal guarantee that not a single person that reads this forum (let alone posts on it) is up more than 500k US so far this year
  9. UMU


    Doesn't it heavily depend on how much one trades, ie. acct size?
    For a little guy 500k could maybe mean 1000% whereas for a big guy maybe only 10% ... :)
  10. i'm not up 500k
    #10     Mar 29, 2004