What is your most Profitable Day Trading?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by lazy9, Dec 7, 2007.

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    Looking to here some stories of most profitable days trading and what the trade was. Trying to guage how good/bad i am,LOL
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    not sure i quite understand. What is this guys method and what does he trade? or are u going to make me read EVERY thread,LOL
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    Why not put some effort into it and read his posts for starters.
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    he bought 25 cars and sold them at auction... :D
  6. FWIW, I made $100K on "crash day" of 1987...not "smart" just cautious. I was heading out on Friday before the Monday crash, to play blackjack in Lake Tahoe. Checked my sheets, saw that I was waayyy to long in Compag Computers. So on the way out the Exchange door, I stopped and bought a couple hundred 25 cent puts, which made me almost delta neutral. They opened on Monday several dollars higher of course. Fear and Greed they say, and this pure Fear, LOL.

    (Problem was, this "feat" made the local papers, and I was just going through a divorce at the time...you guessed it, my wife's lawyer saw the article, cost me a bunch, ... a "Yin" for every "Yang" I guess, LOL).

    One of our traders made $400,000 on the opening strategy a couple of month's ago, beating his earlier record of around $125,000.

  7. I bought JNPR into earnings and held. it gapped up almost 30 points.
  8. Pre bubble crash and when I was trading OPM 20k days were no problem with a max around 150k. Risk arb were basically a gold mine, JDSU-SDLI I think came in 50 points in one day after JDSU got added to SP500.

    Post bubble not trading OPM, 25k in one day is the max it seems each year except last year when I put up 15X that, and I am pretty sure that a lot of other people that day did as well.