What is your long term return/year?

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  1. What is your LONG TERM return/year?
  2. I think on this forum, where people AVERAGE around 5 ES points per contract per day, the choices should be more like





    I don't know if people don't understand the word "average" or if long-term means one day, but somehow it is hard to collect that kind of information on ET.

    As for myself, this last month my "long term annualized return" was 655%, the month before that it was -43%. I admit, those were both extreme months, but it just goes to show you that people here can claim 1000% returns without even lying.

    I am sure there is someone here whose last trade made him 2 ES points in 10 seconds. That's an annualized return of a few bazillion percent. And if you assume that was the only trade in that particular hour, it is a long term (1-hour) average annual return of around 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000%, isn't it?
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  4. I think if you consistently made 1,000% a day, you would saturate the market in a week's time.

    My goal is to average 35% per month in ES. My best average return in the past was a few hundred percent annualized and my worst was around -20%. Since that time, I've become more wreckless and daring. I'm sure I'm the kind of trader that will turn 5k into a few hundred thousand and then promptly blow it all on one bad trade -- but oh well, live fast and die young.

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  5. If you could make more than 1000% a year for a few years, Bill Gate wouldn't need to bother running Microsoft. He should come here, give you half of his money to beg you teach him how to trade!!!!!!:D
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    Returns are irrelevant when it come to short term trading. Traders don't keep fund-size amounts of money in their accounts.
  7. I agree. We're not in this for the money, right?
  8. A lot of people don't understand the concept of returns. First of all, it is a lot easier for a savvy trader to turn a 1000% gain in a year than it is for a multi-billion dollar mutual fund to get a high return. Why? Simple -- the size of the beast makes it very hard to be nimble.

    We can all put in thousands and, in some cases, tens of thousands of dollars on a single trade and not affect a highly liquid stock, but if you are in charge of a mutual fund that handles 50 billion dollars, you can't use any of the tricks a retail trader uses.

    I think the poll should be exponential -- since if you look at the bell curve, the best traders will be pushing well over 500% a year or more, while the worst traders will be doing negative returns.

    I don't think investing and trading can even be compared, since trading is an active process which requires "work" and thus deserves a much higher percentage return than "buy and hold," which requires no work but leaves the investor to the whims of the market.