What is your life's work outside trading?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Buy1Sell2, Aug 9, 2018.

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    There is life outside of trading??!! LOL
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  3. I don't have one...
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    Thank you for this thread. Truly!

    I now realize that I spend so much time with the market.

    The desire to make money and pay bills .

    The absolute reason for starting back in 1998 was a true emotional disorder to ‘not work for another’... I’m being honest..

    Life’s work outside of trading. Trying to help everyone I care about.. Like a trade, doesn’t always work.

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  5. I work, play Madden video game, go hunting, exercise daily and spend time with family and have fun.
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  6. treeman


    surfing, bouldering, backcountry backpacking. Training for mountain climbing.
  7. Byrne.d46


    Even when i am not trading, still it keeps revolving in my mind. Does it happens with anyone else here??
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  8. _eug_


    Motorcycles, gym, hiking, and women.
  9. maxinger


    exercise, vacation, help the unfortunate, eat
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  10. tomorton


    I'm retired, so I am free to do what I like -
    wild camping, Nordic walking, cycling, eating out, photography, the occasional film, computer games (currently especially ARMA3), driving, reading (currently especially Shakespeare, the JFK assassination), some "pleasures of the flesh", sightseeing trips to London, occasional trips to the south of France.
    Its a grind.........
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