What is your IQ?

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    Based on the comments, seems like a lot of bad tests and lousy examiners.
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  3. I even got 173...

    IQ = BS
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    Same thing as Willie Sutton when asked why he robbed banks!!

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  6. My IQ is, ahh, err, ah what was the question again?
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    If you don't know your IQ, the MENSA society will administer test(s) for you. I did that decades ago, I didn't quite make it on the standard test so they gave me another one, more math weighted, did a lot better on that one. They have a number of tests that they accept, as I recall they would take some tests from the military and all sorts of stuff. MENSA membership can look really good on your resume'.

    Now on the emotional IQ tests, I had to retake those to get into the bottom end of the normal range!! I feel that those are a lot more important. There are all sorts of poeple with weird health conditions of the brain that score high on IQ tests, probably does not mean that much. Simple persistence, carried out in a commonsensical way can make a bigger difference perhaps than a high IQ.

    One thing I've noticed is that the people with the highest IQ's are really good at solving the kind of problems that appear to be very simple but in fact, are not. Those folks seem to be a lot better at questioning their own assumptions and methods than the "MENSA member but just another teacher pleaser" crowd.

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  8. Did you know that coming to ET everyday will increase your IQ by 50 within 30 days?
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  9. I am locutus of Borg. Your Intelligence Quotient is irrelevent. Tests are irrrelevent. Resistance is futile. From this point forward, you will service us.
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