What is your freedom & privacy worth ???

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Would you give up seeing your family in exchange for your freedom and privacy ??

  1. Yes I would give up anything and everything

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  2. No, freedom and privacy are over-rated

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  1. What would you give up in exchange for having freedom and privacy ??

    Specifically, would you give up seeing your family in exchange for having your freedom and privacy restored to you.

    Imagine this:
    Your freedom and privacy have been robbed from you. Everything you do and say is known to whoever is interested. You are watched and followed 24/7 wherever you go. Whatever you do on your computer and phone is known also. You basically can not say or do anything without it being known. It's kind of like a minimum security prison. Think about the stress this would cause, and the effect on your physical and mental health as a result.

    I say I would give up anything and everything in exchange for my freedom and privacy.

    What say you ???
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    Privacy is a modern day invention.. most people in the middle ages for example had virtually no privacy.. people in primitive tribes have no privacy, they hardly wear clothes even... I sort of don't care about privacy that much unless somebody is collecting info on me to use against me.. and basically who cares about that, they can just as easily trump up something anyhow.....

    Freedom is another story, I want as much as I can get.. I quit the job routine, quit the credit report driven culture, I quit all of it years ago just because I wanted to feel free... I was out riding the buses and Amtrak in recent days just to be outdoors and feeling free... Freedom requires maturity to the extent that I am free to choose but I have to respect other people's freedoms and rights as well... I'm free to express my likes and dislikes without being politically correct, forget that, free people need to know things, fantasy and "correct" thinking will not help a free person when he encounters a new situation, a free person has a need for information to help him cope... I want to associate with freedom loving people as much as possible, I find them everywhere...
  3. Give up seeing one's family?

    I think a lot of people would say "sign me up". :D
  4. Was Enemy of the State on TV recently?
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    hee hee... I recall when I was a little guy in grammar school... some kids were talking about how terrible it was that slave sellers would split up a family... and I was standing there thinking "huh?", that's a bad thing? They asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up and I decided on "orphan".. The teacher called for a parent teacher discussion.. to warn my parents :eek: