What is Your Favorite "Safe" Investment : CDs, Online Savings, etc...

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    My cash allocation is garbage. I have about 10% of my liquid in stocks and the rest sitting in bank accounts drawing little to nothing on interest. Looking for some safe places to be making money off of my money, What are some things I should be looking into? Thanks

    And i have zero debt so paying off high interest debt isnt relevant to me...but for others reading this post that are paying ~20% on credit card debt that should be the very first "investment" made.
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    What is Your Favorite "Safe" Investment?

    A good stop-loss. :D

    (Had to.)
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    Real Estate leasing, pre-1900 guns go up as stock market goes up as do most collectibles. And when there is a recession, you buy even more.
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    I have my "CASH" in a high yielding savings account (Right now 1.85%) and I just bought T-bills at auction with Treasury Direct.
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  5. Calendar spreads using Security Futures. Buying soon to expire (and go through delivery which requires you to deploy cash) and simultaneously Selling a longer dated contract at an interest rate differential. The long SSF(long stock)/Short SSF position is delta one with no need to re-balance. Simply wait for the longer dated contract to expire and the long stock position is used to satisfy the short future obligation and the position becomes null with the interest component remaining in your account as return. Next week is will feature very large spreads as customers roll from Sep to Oct and anyone with an IBKR account can participate. As an example today a customer rolled from Sep to Dec '18 $2.8MM notional value of INTC paying 279.26bp (annualized). The two legged trade done in the same PM account allows for very low performance bonds as the trade is riskless. While there is a non-zero risk that the Options Clearing Corporation could become insolvent this is very unlikely and not associated with the transaction itself.

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    what bank do you use for the online checking account?
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    I appreciate all of that but man I believe that as a bit more than I am willing to do for now. Im sure others will find that helpful though.
  8. canned foods and bottled water
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    Im currently taking a long position in AR lowers and .22lr bullets. Not that I would ever buy either with the sole intention of selling for profit. Only to "improve my person collection".
  10. i am also investing in working on my hand to hand combat skills and taking a class in zombie abatement at my local junior college
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