What is your favorite Olympic moment ?

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  1. Now that Pyeongchang has been over for a few days, what is your favorite Olympic moment ?

    I would have to say that for me there are several ...

    o Mikaela Shiffrin winning the Giant Slalom.
    o Lindsey Vonn's departure ... not really a favorite (sad), but very memorable.
    o The US Women's hockey team win over Canada.
    o The women's figure skating singles finals. I have to say that I think Evgenia Medvedeva should have won the gold. But what do I know ?
    o Shaun White winning gold again.
    o Ester Ledecka's win in the Super-G was really cool.
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  2. ....Good riddance.
    It ending, was my favorite moment. o_O

    The Olympics is a silly, nonsense, overrated sporting event.

    No one essentially gives a shit about those sports. (or so-called athletes)
    The world comes, temporarily, together every four years to watch these things people don't otherwise care about normally.
    Patriotic hippies and their elaborate opening and closing shows.

    Ever since I started trading in 2008, I've been rather really cynical and dark and sarcastic about...life, in general.
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  3. I can't respond to such a depressing post, but you seem to be a thoughtful person :)

    Anyway, I forgot to mention the North Korean cheerleaders, cheering the Unified Korean women's hockey team. Maybe part of a "charm offensive", but memorable anyway.
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  4. Banned Anthem
  5. schweiz


    The announcement that Russia was banned from the games.
  6. The North Korean cheerleaders.

  7. Russia is not far away nowadays....unfortunately....
  8. 1rfan


    Shirtless Tongan, of course.