What is your favorite daytrading book?

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  1. My favorites are the compleat daytrader and The Master Swing trader. How about you?
  2. "Pit Bull" by Schwartz
  3. "The Complete Book of Daytrading with Humility" by

    The Scientist:cool:
  4. nkhoi


    are you sure you got the right book, I vaguely recall the tittle as "The Complete Kick A$$ Book of Daytrading" :D
  5. The Master Swing Trader.

    Plum', nkhoi, that's funny!

  6. Trade Your Way to the Finest Meats and Cheeses Money Can Buy

    by Mr. Hairy Market

  7. "Technical Analysis of Stock Trends" by Edwards & Magee.....the only book I've ever read (memorized).
  8. "Pit Bull" - a real classic.
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    nitro :D :D
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