What is your favorite city in the United States...

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    "Getting used to it" means you're losing your hearing. That is almost like rock stars that get used to extreme dB noise levels from their rock concerts. LOL. Further, you may never go into deep REM sleep. The health hazards are non-trivial.

    As far as the pool goes, it was not meant to say that oil soot is a nuissance if you have a pool. Instead, I was using a pool as a scientific instrument to capture the pollutant, because oil is really easy to see in a pool because water and oil don't mix well! You breathe it, it gets all over your clothes, skin, etc. The idea though is that you may not notice it in skin, clothes, etc...

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  2. Where do I put my bid for that $18K home?

    Can one of those fancy new mortgages be used? The 60 year term?? Looking at cutting that payment down to something more reasonable.

    Also, any chance they can throw in a valet attendant and doorman? Need someone to look after the Enzo that I'll be leasing with all that extra dough. Booyaka baby!!!!
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  4. Favorites? New Orleans, San Francisco, New York, London

    Oh, and yes, I'm gay, so these rankings aren't based on where the hottest women are.
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  5. Just the thing for those who value diversity. These areas also have lots of colorful street vendors who can supply your needs for various items with handy curbside service.
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  6. So this means that valets and doormen are included? SWWEEEEEEET
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  7. Philadelphia?? If you like crime and insanely cold winters, that's a good place to live. Perhaps there are nice suburbs around there with low crime but much of the city is not where I'd live. I know someone who lives there and she complains daily about the cold winters.

    Look at the crime statistics
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  8. rofl...

    it was a joke
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