What is your favorite city in the United States...

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  1. lescor


    I'd like to start bidding for a second home in north San Diego county in a couple years time. Solana Beach and Del Mar are my faves. Rancho Santa Fe is amazing too.
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  2. Pricewise, Solana Beach IS the sweet spot in considering locales
    on or only blocks from the water, IMHO.

    There are many nice little spots up and down the California coast,
    although the number of annual sunny days start dropping
    fast as you move north of the Santa Barbara area.
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  3. Best cities in the US are Irvington and Newark, NJ.
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  4. Boulder has 300 days of Sun a year. You can live in a nice suburb (uncrowded) like Louisville or Broomfield.
    Great lifestyle as people are so friendly in CO.

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  6. nitro


    That is probably like living in Midway in Chicago. You have an airplane flying over you every thirty seconds, not only making your living conditions miserable by having to deal with noise pollution, but try leaving your outdoor pool uncovered in the summer and you will notice oil slime from the planse's exhaust raining down on you.

    It's cheap for a reason.

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  7. Of course Camden, NJ is also a great choice; only 5 miles from Philadelphia. More cheap homes...




    Why spend 500k for a home, when you can spend only 20k in beautiful Camden, NJ!!

    That's right folks, $20k 30 year loan for only $120 a month versus $3,000 a month for a 500k loan. That's a savings of close to $2,900 a month. Use the money for a new Ferrari, take an exotic vacation every month, or use it for whatever else your heart desires.

    You can all live life the way it was meant to be!!
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  8. No big deal. You get used to the noise. As far as the plane exhaust, make sure you have no pool, problem solved.
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  9. Yes, I'd have to put the coeds from UM, ASU, and Pepperdine in the top 10.
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