What is your favorite city in the United States...

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  1. Well you maybe right. However, we've got UCSB here. I haven't seen another town where the number of amazing 18-22 year olds (my prefered age group:)) far out numbers any other portion of the population.

    Young, hot, sweet girls that love to party...
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    and we have UM and south beach...im sure its neck and neck...but we party much harder down here...

    Do you have after hours clubs??? people getting to the doors at 5 -7 am and still paying $20-30 to get in and the line is around the corner...i mean its pretty crazy..i dont participate in those events anymore.
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    i couldnt tell you much about property but everything else is pretty much like any other city except maybe home insurance..:D
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  4. Yeah, I'm sure south beach parties much harder:). SB city noise ordinance doesn't allow clubs to stay open past 2am. SB is still a small commiunity (I think the pop is at 80k people). That's really the best part - small town with a great party school that attracts the hottest women from all of CA.

    Oh yeah, the people here are down to earth (not sure if that can be said about miami/south beach. I live in montecito, my nieghbor is worth over 200mm and he surfs all day with his kids... thats the kind of folks we have around here, substance with little flash.
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    here its flash with little substance unfortunately..:D
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  6. Its the humidity that would kill me in Miami, especially in summer. Brutal to any west coast boy. Tried several times to adapt to it (Singapore, Thailand, Brazil, etc). No matter how long I am in humid weather, my body hates it. Constant sweat.
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  7. Santa Barbara's the sh*t!!! Got the best combination of great year-round weather (hasn't gotten over 85-degrees during this recent heat-wave), slow, easy pace of life, no traffic, no congestion, no smog, very little crime, nice warm people who'll stop on the street and talk with you. I've run into major rock-stars, movie-actors and hung out with them without even knowing their famous! :)

    Here's some pictures I've gathered of S.B. : Santa Barbara photos

    I swear, this town is where the prom-queens from all over the country come to mate (and leave their attitudes at home). It's probably got the highest percentage of HB-10s anywhere. Only problem is the town's run by a bunch of little old ladies on the city-council and they're doing their best to keep the partying to a minium... :(

    Some pictures of my parties: Danno's parties
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    what's cost of living like in SB?
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  9. So the only reason to live in SB is because "it's pretty" and " there are hot girls"???
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  10. any city with:

    lots of sun
    beaches with water that won't make you sick (like NJ beach water)
    overall clean envirnment
    lots of massage parlors
    lots of sluts (either free or per hour basis)
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