What is your favorite city in the United States...

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  1. Though I will always be partial to NYC, my favorite is Key West. So laid back (very much like the islands) aqua water, great weather, the locals are awesome whats not to like. A close second for me is Boulder.
  2. you gay by any chance?
  3. You interested?
  4. lol, touche, good answer.
  5. Raven


    you didn't answer his question

    tell me more about Key West, never been......
  6. Santa Barbara, aka my home town.

    The most beautiful women you've ever seen, great weather, great surf, and, its a fun affluent community atmosphere to boot.
  7. zxcv1fu


    Vegas!!! Baby!!! The world class city: you can travel to Paris, Monte Carlo, Rio & New York New York without leaving town.

    Many trading seminars & shows, great food & great entertainment. Many casinos to test strategies & money management:)
  8. ElCubano


    Boulder is up there as my fav... Looking into the horizon and seeing the Rockys is quite spectacular. Very laid back and looks like alot of outdoor stuff to keep ya busy. Key West is ok..the beaches suck though and its full of fairys :D
  9. ElCubano


    on contrair mon frair or however u spell it...Miami has the most beuatiful woman around...and all the other stuff u mentioned maybe not the surf..
  10. Raven


    Is it prohibitively expensive to live in the Keys?
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