What is your favorite charting platform and why?

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by TrendSpider_Jake, Dec 3, 2018.

  1. TrendSpider_Jake

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    There are a ton of different charting platforms out there. What is your favorite and what features make it your favorite?
  2. cafeole


    The free one my broker provides.
  3. ET180


    The one I built myself. Aside from that, ThinkOrSwim
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  4. Do you do real time charting? I'm beginning to prefer my own matplotlib-based charts.
  5. ThinkorSwim. Can't beat it for the price
  6. Apollo13


    It depends on what you want.
    tradingview.com has an amazing community behind it. Chock full of ideas etc.
    Free to try if you don't mind adds.
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  7. maxinger


    I am using Esignal as it can plot chart based on volume.

    Not really my favorite unless I have done competitor analysis.
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  8. Peter10


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  9. Specterx


    My favorite is Esignal. It comes with the data feed, but it wasn't until I looked into competitors that I realized how easy-to-use the software actually is - most charting software is unbelievably clunky whereas the latest version of Esignal seems designed around UX from the ground up. These days I use Esignal for all my long-term/swing-trade charting and watchlists.

    For daytrading though I use Ninja, firstly because Esignal trading integration with IB is broken, and second because Ninja is much more extensible - I've added custom code to automate aspects of my trade entry and management which AFAIK wouldn't be possible in Esignal. Ninja customer service and support is also top-notch.
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  10. TC2000
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