What Is Your Favorite Chart Pattern?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by huckabilly, Jun 7, 2010.

  1. What Is Your Favorite Chart Pattern?

    I will name the two most popular to start – the Double Top (or bottom), and Head and Shoulders.
  2. belekas


    Diamonds are forever $$$$$
  3. I always get excited watching a symmetrical triangle develop.
  4. PutaMadre


    Any pattern with clearly identified borders acting as support and resistance
  5. Parabolic...No better one
  6. The one that look like a set of big boobs..
  7. belekas


  8. wrbtrader


    This year has been GAPs (e.g. yesterday's close and today's open) at the top of my list. However, every year something changes in the overall market environment. Thus, next year GAPs may not rank as high on my list and something else that's rank low may become number one on my list.

  9. Pekelo


    Dragons and 2nd gaps, because they are easy to play and I discovered/described them first. :)
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