what is your favorite browser?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by TraderZones, Apr 13, 2010.

what is your favorite browser?

  1. What's a brower?

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  2. Chrome (google)

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  3. Firefox (mozilla)

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  4. Internet Explorer (ms)

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  5. Opera

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  6. Safari (apple)

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  7. something else

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  8. What's a browser?

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  1. Ignoring who uses what in what % in the world, curious what are trader's favorite web browsers...

    These are listed in alphabetic order, with "null" choices on top/bottom to avoid those who auto-choose the first or last item in a survey/poll... Could not edit the misspelling in first choice

    On a related note, this site compares browsers (2010, btw)

  2. LeeD


    My favourite is Firefox. It's mainly due to:
    1) Saving Web-pages I ws looking at when it restarts;
    2) NoScript addon - there are too many Web-pages that run badly designed scripts that start to slow down a computer when I open 40-50 Web-pages.
  3. taodr


  4. Interesting where Internet Explorer sits...
  5. J.P.


    Unfortunately, you need different browsers for different tasks. Firefox is best most of the time. But, for example, if you want to copy ES' entire day's Time and Sales data all at once from the CME site, Chrome works while Firefox and especially IE balk.
  6. who cares?
  7. Andyroki


  8. I agree, that I found that Firefox does have problems sometimes at copying tabular data that can be transported into Excel from some websites. Chrome and IE worked on the ones I used.

    I find that FF (and now Chrome) have much better addons/extensions than IE. In fact, the IE extensions appear to be biz partner relations rather than true independent addons