what is your edge?

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  1. for me - I kill a rooster every Monday before the market opens and spinkle his blood on my keyboard. It works for the rest of the week!
    What is your edge?
  2. I wake up 8 hours before the US markets open (GMT+1) :D
  3. bronks


    I grease myself up with Crisco and then watch a few minutes of Deliverance.
  4. Simple, hedge gains in spot past the exotic barrier.
  5. To "think" as extremely different as possible from all others.

  6. You too?
  7. I read the most popular forex trading posts of the day made on ET by "forex traders"... then take the other side.

    (and I keep a can of Crisco nearby... just in case.)

  8. Do you have a colour preference or will any rooster do.
  9. Crucis


    It can only be Rhode Island Reds. :D
  10. So what you're telling us is; Your keyboard is stained with liquids that came out of a cock? That's nothing special.
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