What is your edge?

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    You won't succeed without an edge, without an edge you're just taking trades at random and will eventually lose as the costs of trading eats away your account to nothing. There are only three edges that I know of, the trend, support and resistance, and momentum http://www.myforexdot.org.uk/trading-strategies-that-work.html

    Without an edge no trading strategy will work. To succeed you need an edge and an appropriate risk management strategy to keep you in the game so you have enough opportunities to apply you edge and realise the profits.

    The edge from the trend works best on markets that are driven by economic fundamentals, most notably the EUR/USD pair.

    The edge from support and resistance works best on markets that are driven by speculators and especially stock market indexes.

    Where the edge from momentum works is harder to nail down, it typically works well on any market that is prone to making large sudden movement that last for several days.

    So what is your edge and how do you know that it works?
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    Technical analysis gives you the trading profits

    Mastering risk management enables you to keep your profits from trading

    Risk management is a lot tougher to learn than TA
  3. my edge is inflation lead by monetary policy. it works since bretton woods, that is, for the 60 years.
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    Very interesting crash n burn. Can you explain how you apply this edge and how you tested it to know that it works? :)
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    My edge is not sharing it others
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    If you won't share stuff why post?
  7. I really like to keep things simple.

    I just had to find a good combo of EMA's, and an indicator based off of EMA's.

  8. My Brain.
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    That's not simple.
  10. Well, I guess I'm smarter than I thought.
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