What is your daily commission expense (re: IB)

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    I was one of IB's first customers and I trade every day, my average daily commission expense is around $300.00, and IB"S customer service still treats me like they don't care if they have my account or not.

    All I ask is that for the few times I need to contact customer service (and it is rare) I don't have to wait for a long and slow recording to complete with a touch tone button menu, and when someone finally answers they know what they are talking about and are competent. My experience has been both are lacking at IB.

    So... I was just wondering what you guys spend on daily commission expense, maybe I really am a fairly small customer and I just don't realize it.

  2. I have had good response times with IB via e-mail or chat, especially chat. On their home page, click on Contact IB, then click on General Chat. That should put you into some application where you can talk to somebody at IB. I have found the response time to be better than the phone.

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    I am hoping that with Tradstation now offering a competitive service IB will finally make the long overdue changes in their customer service.

    At least now we have some options.
  4. found customer support good or excellent

    depending on who I get at the help desk

    perhaps they have hired some new folks to meet demand
    who are not as experienced as the old timers?

    or perhaps it depends on ones attitude towards
    the job they are doing ... believe me it is a hard one

    I worked for 8-9 yrs for a commodity broker
    in customer service and answering phones
    and keeping track of my brokers orders

    so I have an idea what it can be like on a busy day
  5. was about $250 daily in the last 2 months by the way
  6. If you are spending around $5,000 in commissions with IB a month, you are doing a lot of trading!

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    I was IB's biggest retail customer, giving those bastards 10k a day in commissions.

    I was astonished when they gave 460k in rebates out this month to a group of traders who experienced a blackout that was probably a non event. Non event meaning no big money lost.

    Last winter, IB went down for the whole day, and experienced problems for several days. Anyhow, I lost 40k that day because they couldn't get me out of the position for 4 hours, regardless of my stops, and I didn't even get a phone call or a sorry email.

    It goes to show that IB's customer service is still as lame as ever. This recent show wasn't about customer service, it was about PR. I mean hell, it aint good PR to come out and say that they screwed up for 4 hours, and they will rebate my 40k in commissions.

    If they came out with a statement like that, it would show great customer service, and shitty operations. However, they don't get that good of ratings. They get shitty customer service and shitty operations by me.

    I eventually phased them out.
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    I think this should go on the broker ratings pages. :D
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