What is your best subscription service?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by CashKing, Apr 15, 2008.

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    I have been using free online information services over the past year to make trades and gather information. To date it has been suffice as I am up over 50% (strictly longs, no shorts or options). I have made many mistakes, hopefully learned from them, but made solid calls when needed. I currently find myself jumping from various websites to gather information. Basically I struggle for "routine." A service with top notch information that will get me excited and into a daily routine of tuning into that source to provide information and excitement. I see advertisers on TV/Internet pitching these dreams but realize only a few are probably solid. Can members please post what service is their favorite? The one service that makes them a better trader and keeps them in the game. Thanks!
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    hands down the best online service I've seen / experienced.


    1) live seminars (online or in person) at many different locations across the world, ranging from Options, Stocks, Gaps, E-minis, Personal development (1 week live trading labs; the other seminars are conducted on weekends, and the E-mini is a week long lab real time) and each course comes complete with a thorough manual.

    2) mentorships with professional seasoned traders

    3) daily newsletter services to keep you posted on their ideas/philosophies, and beliefs.

    4) weekly coaching sessions which are free when you sign up for classes

    5) a discount broker that's not only cheap as is, but offers you discounts to services at Pristine.

    6) Dvd's and books that'll give you material to internalize

    7) professionalism in a relaxed environment...really makes it easy to interpret and internalize their methods, which by the way are the MOST PRACTICAL and thought out methods I've seen.

    I have no affiliation with them, just really enjoy their services and would recommend them to all who are on their journey to be an independent trader.

    hope that helps!!


    - Dubs
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    No way this isn't SPAM.

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    haha nah, they're amazin
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    I subscribe to Mister Market's newsletter and I am able to afford the finest meats and cheeses for my family!

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    Thanks for the replies so far.

    Pristine is more educational and not so much needed at this time for myself. Herzei seems pretty technical but is known for his timing it seems. Anyone else want to share what they use?
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    I use briefing.com daily.
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    Hi, I am the owner of San Jose Options, Inc. Our course focuses on the practical side of options trading. We make videos of our real trades as well as the adjustments we make. We teach strategies that are not taught in the other popular option mentoring programs. We also give more hours of personal training than other courses on the market. Feel free to visit our service at www.sjoptions.com to see our course syllabus.

    We periodically host free webinars and post free instructional videos on our site as well.

    Thank you and good luck trading!
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