What is your best interest rate and where for parking cash?

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  1. So what is the best interest rate you are getting on any money you have parked in "cash" at this time - 5%, 6% or higher?

    - and what instrument are you using with what company?

  2. Check out this website for highest rates for Banks and MMF. It is www.cranedata.us. Surprisingly, banks have higher rates than the MMFs.
  3. loik


    6,2%, bank deposit
  4. Thanks!
  5. Where - what bank?

  6. Feeling the pinch of Interest rate cuts? That's e x a c t l y what Feds have in mind.

    There is no place to park that cash but to diffuse in REAL ESTATE or other asset classes such as STOCKS & EQUITIES. When you buy those assets it starts a whole new cycle...

    I am glad economy is feeling the ripples of Fed rate cuts. After all it will disappoint lots of people and NOURIEL ROUBINI our prophets of doom and gloom that we did not slip into a recession and housing came back to its feet.

  7. What bank ? Thats the real question..,,lol.

  8. Those too will go down in next 6 weeks as Fed keep cutting rates. There will not be a place to park your cash but to go into buying a house or buying stocks.

    Has that happened before in America ? Rewind to 2000- 2003... LOL
  9. I mean, I can get 18% from some banks in the middle east but that is not where I would put my money. :D

  10. With the dollar sliding you will lose more than you gain in interest rates if you tried that.

    They will pay you back in peanuts I suppose? Top of that there are FDIC insured programs, corruption and bank failures not guranteed either. You may lose everything once in a lifetime..YES?
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