What is XTreme?

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    For those interested, i've finally found out why XTreme is gaining momentum in online trading tech.

    XTreme predominantly caters to special intricate customization needs of institutional clients and offers them an efficient Order Management and Trading platform - in its truest sense.

    Eliminating clerical work by proper order management flow, it covers the entire trade cycle from client order generation, order management and trading, to post trade management. It provides equity, derivatives, futures, warrants and marginal trading.

    It is FIX compliant, multi-department, and multi-instrument trading solution, providing DMA order routing, connections to multiple exchanges, market depths, risk management, complete sales-dealer relationship management and global connectivity with brokers and thirdparty OMS's. It integrates front, middle and back office operations. One of its main highlights is the special revenue tracking and management module making it an attractive and unique trading package for brokerages, hedge funds.

    Automated allocations, electronic trade confirms, ability for dealers to send pieces/submissions of parent (client order) to the market to prevent order mishaps are some of the additional features that it offers.

    Additionally it offers cutomized solutions to hedge funds, brokerages etc, and FIXtreme (buy side &sell side engine)

    It does seem to be pretty cost effective though. Anyways..if anyone's interested in more info you'll can find it on their website. They have a demo request form too.

    The site is http://xtreme.kolachi.com