What is wrong with this ZZZzzzzz guy?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by ChkitOut, Nov 2, 2008.

  1. He's posting "nigger" this and "nigger" that..

    Dude you're weird.

    You need help or to get laid.
  2. The post I read where he used the word was a sarcastic response to a racist post.

    And if you are so offended, why do you create a thread solely dedicated to him and the words in question (using the word twice yourself)?

    A better question is - hapaboy, how many aliases do you have?
  3. What am I supposed to do? Use some kind of code word for "nigger"?

    LOL :p
  4. Again, you started this thread.

    If you were so offended, why do that...why create something solely dedicated to pointing it out, and then use the word in question yourself (three times now)?

    Way to go hapaboy.
  5. The whole point of this thread is that ZZZzzz is, shall we say, not all there.

    Somebody asks a question and he responds with "nigger"?

    Not to mention the guy has like 20 thousand posts.

  6. I am not one to defend ZZZzzz because - except for the thread in question - I don't run across his posts. So I am neither pro- or anti-ZZZzzz.

    But I would venture to guess between all of your aliases you have racked up a high number of posts yourself.

    And, for the record, you have now used the word you are so offended by four times in three consecutive posts.
  7. He does need help. In a thread just yesterday i was trying to agree with people that had different political views by generally saying that i think people should be motivated by government to create opporunities for themselves rather than being motivated to feed off the government. ZZZzzzzz shot down my opinion by saying that im not as old as him and not as wise and that i will blow my trading account.

    Sure he can blow off my opinion when he has something of essence and substance to add to the conservation. The problem is that he doesn't have any importance to add ever. He has over 19,000 posts and not one is filled with any type of solid ideas or opinions that is actually worth understanding.

    Why am i writing this? I am writing this because I feel people's opinions should be judged in context by the amount of substance and intellect that they have to offer. ZZZZzzzzz has no substance, rather he is an addict of one sidedness with absolutely no insight or analysis on anything. The only problem is that because this is an internet forum he has a much larger ability of hiding the fact that he is dumber than an ox.

    What needs to change about this forum in general which will not happen is that people need to be accountable for what they say and whether what they say is actually any value or not. ZZZzzzz officially has no value to give whatsoever rather he is just a pitiful human being.
  8. Come on son, tell me how you really feel...

    Better yet, start a new thread in Feedback to complain to Baron, those are oh so effective....

  9. Yeah , I agree .That guy ChkitOut is a total dick.
  10. Fine. I feel like your full of shit.
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