What is wrong with these parents?

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  1. http://shine.yahoo.com/parenting/dad-protects-son-bullies-wearing-skirt-guess-works-153600107.html

    So this 5 year old boy wants to wear girls dresses and instead of the father explaining that only little girls wear dresses he decides to let his son go to school wearing a girls dress. Of course the kid is laughed at, but instead of saying "Ok, now lets put you in some boys clothes so you dont get bullied" the father decides to wear a dress himself.

    What is wrong with parents these days? This kid is either going to grow up and become a transsexual or he is going to hate his Dad for not stepping up and being a man and teaching him how to be a man.
  2. geez what a stoopid dad.

    I can understand not liking confining garments (I don't)like relatively tight trousers.

    But there are plenty of men' clothes that allow for freedom of the boys.

    Robes are acceptable attire for men , Hakama, also overalls can easily allow the same freedom of restriction in the groin and waist,also it's perfectly acceptable in the US and I suppose germany too.
  3. A sign of the top, if I ever saw one.

    Civilization has peaked.
  4. Nice response. But, not sure if the laughs would stop when the poor kid shows up in a robe, even a Shroud.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, as a stupid hetero, but I thought gay men liked to pack their tight jeans to appear well endowed to other men? I can appreciate that comfort of style should prevail.
  5. Lucrum


    I think you're right.
  6. check out this article in the times froma couple weeks ago about letting boys wear dresses and girl clothing.



    In general check out today's male teens, many of them look like they might cry at the drop of a hat. many walk like sissy's. Not that I'm picking on them or anything but if you look at young teen men and think "would this guy make a good body gaurd" the answer is N-O.
  7. Well, Quai Chang Caine from the old Kung Fu series didn't look too manly, weighed about 150 pounds, but I would choose him to be my bodyguard. But, yeah, all the Unisex stuff is a bid weird. No big thing, just a bit weird.
  8. Real men don't really worry about it, but I see whence your confusion comes.