What is wrong with the republicans??

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  1. The best they can get is some towelhead who sounds like a character out of 30 rock.

    Then you had Palin and some old guy who really should be retired.

    Where the heck happened? Where is the younger smart conservative who believes in small government, not into religion and getting into peoples bedroom and with good speaking skills + Intelligence + Charisma?

  2. They dumbed down and played to their base for so long that the smart republicans didn't want any part of it any more.

    Face it, Mitt Romney was probably the best of the bunch that ran in 2008, and the party of inbred republicans couldn't stomach his Mormon religion.

    Sad state of affairs.

    Of course, it doesn't help that the republicans blindly supported Bush and Cheney for 8 years as they bumbled their way through a time when government ran amok and violated the core principles they claimed to hold dear.

    The republicans would begin to heal if they stood up and took responsibility for the failures of Bush.

    Bush is why we have Obama, period.

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    look like there trying to make that towelhead there front runner, not good repub.
  4. One month in and you guys are worried about the republican party? Hmmm

    Sounds like your doubting YOUR guy more than anything....
  5. What is wrong with Republicans? They are surrounded by Democraps.
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  7. Repubs fucked up not making Romney the candidate for election.

    I hope the do the right thing in 2012.

    Who cares if he is a Mormon, Religion has no part in our government.
  8. True.

    And because the Republican idea of "Family Values" has nothing to do with what they believe the "cult" of the Mormon religion is, Romney never had a chance.

    These are the same "Family Values" that allowed Karl Rove to get all of the evangelical nuts off their sofas in Ohio and help swing the election in 2004 to "Dumbya" for another 4 years.

    Thank you Ohio!!!!!!

    Your state lost 217,000 jobs or 3.9% (of payroll jobs) between March of 2001 and July of 2004, and yet you voted in "Dumbya" for another 4 years so that you could see your unemployment rate surge to 8.8%