what is wrong with my system?

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    I posted a system on collective2.com. I'm having trouble getting subscribers. I am wondering why--Matthew over there is not too interested in helping me figure it out. I would appreciate anyone who has experience with these types of sites helping me think about it. Here are some possible reasons:

    1) the system is only 5 months old (time will heal this)
    2) the starting equity of $200,000 is too high (I can fix this, but I have to close all the trades first, which is a hassle, but I'll do it if I need to)
    3) it is not profitable enough, since its annualized return to date is 34% (I don't expect it to return even this much over the long haul; it's a pretty conservative system, so I don't intend to aim for anything higher. If this is the problem, I cannot fix it.)
    4) the per month charge of $50 is too high (it is about average for the site)
    5) I have not advertised the system anywhere nor taken advantage of any of the additional ways to dramatize the system on collective2 (I might do this if Matthew could give me some inkling of which, if any of them, is likely to work.)

    The system is called Long-Short ETFs/ETNs.

    thanks in advance for your thoughts
  2. it would be easier to comment on your system if you posted the code...
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    Don't post code for anybody.

    And do not post code on a "neutral site" hosted for testing trading systems. Those sites exist for a reason, and your best personal interests are not one of them.

    You backtest it for yourself, and if you believe strongly enough in the results you find a way to trade it for yourself. I worked as an engineer for seven years full time and saved my own money to trade for my own account - that is how you do it. If you are successful trading your own money, then you can get backed for size on terms that preserve your IP.

    There are way too many people in this business without an original idea to their name - they take no risk, and they are parasites. Don't feed the animals.
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    Since its only 5 months old, Maybe people are worried that time will RUIN this ?
  5. do you know how many total subscribers for all the systems for the whole site?

  6. drcha


    Thanks for the replies, and....perhaps I have not explained myself very well.

    This has nothing to do with posting code. I don't use any code. I just review some ETF and ETN charts daily and post trades in the morning based on my rules. I am not posting my rules, nor does collective2.com require me to post any. I just post my trades daily. But if you look at the system description on collective2, there is a broad explanation of what it does, and anyone who has experience with systems can get a general idea of my methods.

    Also, this has nothing to do with verifying for myself that it is a good system. I have been trading it for a few years and am happy with it. I am not trying to prove anything. Only to figure out why more people are not subscribing.

    Here, I paste in the system description as I have placed it on the site:

    "This system will hold long and short positions in ETFs and ETNs. The ETF/ETN components may be stocks, bonds, options, preferred stocks, currencies or futures contracts. The objective of the system is absolute return; it is expected to post positive returns every year. It is expected to underperform in bull markets and outperform in bear markets. Trades are selected daily using a combination of technical analysis indicators. There is a strong momentum component to the selection process. The ratio of long to short positions is not fixed and may vary greatly. About half of trades are expected to be winners. Winners are expected to be much larger than losers. Holding periods vary from a couple of days to nearly a year, with the average being about 3 months. The number of open positions will usually be about ten. Trades will be posted within 3 hours after the market opens in the Pacific time zone."
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    No. As best I can tell, there is no way to figure that out from the site.
  8. when looking at some cta sites, they usually display the up and down graph of individual cta's aum in order for potential investors to compare the progress of aum against the up and down of performance. i guess c2 should have provided this statistics as well.
  9. Please forget C2...a complete waste of money....there will NEVER be any information provided related to subscribers.Should you obtain subscibers C2 takes 30% of the monthly fee up front....holds your net for 60 days plus...any subscriber can pull out and demand a refund , and get refunded ,within 30 days...no questions asked regardless how good your 'signals' were.

    The site is set up solely for the benefit of the owner...trust me.

    If you have been trading the system for a few years keep doing it for your benefit. If the results are consistently good opportunities will come your way in time.

    Good luck...

  10. I dont like the selection. Stocks, bonds, etf, future - many people dont like one system trading it all because they need separate accounts etc. Also, they may look for specialized systems.

    For example I trade Futures. I will add SSF soon. ETF WILL be added, too, but not for trading, rather long term buy and hold until I think i want to be cash style of investing. My inteerst in a system that requires me to also deal with bonds is a lot lower than one that is futures only.

    Just my 2 cents.
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