What is wrong with Muslims??

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  1. Why will they not accept our way of life?

    (Especially those who live in oil-rich countries or along important oil & drug pipeline routes?)

    If they only would help themselves they could enjoy the following:

    - $5 SBUX coffees
    - $100 gas tank fill-ups
    - Graduating college with $30-50,000 in student loan debt
    - Relying on a 30% interest rate credit card
    - Jumping into an Adjustable Rate mortgage that resets massively in 2 years time
    - Women commuting and working 60+ hours a week to make ends meet, and are so tired they outsource rasing of their kids to illegal, underpaid immigrant women
    - Kids left to amuse themsevles with mindless TV and violent video games
    - Paying 20%+ of your net salary just to have basic medical care to a 2nd or 1st World standard
    - A 2-party political system where both parties do the same thing
    - A 'choice' of 2 news sources: "Fair & Balanced" or "The Most Trusted News Source"
    - a 50% + divorce rate
    - Working at GM in Mexico ("What's good for GM is good for the USA"?)
    - Or at Wal-mart for $7/hour
    - 50% of every tax dollar spent on mostly no-bid military spending, but one lightly armed person can change our world & freedoms overnight.
    - GMO foods
    - A privately owned central bank controlling every facet of our money, privately and without democractic elections

    I ask you again, what is wrong with these barbarians???
    Why can't they accept our way of life!!
  2. Remember this brilliant Muslim terrorist?

    <img src=http://www.terrorismcentral.com/Library/Biographies/Bios/Reid/reidpolicephoto.jpg>
  3. Who says they have to accept our way of life? I think the west, and the rest of the world for that matter, would be more than happy if they just stopped killing each other and everyone else that doesn't want to live in the 7th century.
  4. Lucrum


    "Our" as in Toronto Canada?

    Or did "our" really mean your way of life, in the states?
  5. Interesting economies of war.

    15 terrorists hijacking 4 planes at a total cost under $200K collapsed the entire US economy and defeated the most technologically advanced military in history.

    8 years later paranoia runs rampant yet we are set on imposing our will and having the world accept are ultimatums and ideals.

    Look at it from outside of the US and we really look like pompous jack asses.
  6. no one forces any of you to live in the USA, if you dont like it, leave.
  7. That wasn't the point... At some point the tail has to stop wagging this dog.
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    Who says anything about wanting muslims to accept our way of life? I just want em the hell out of here or at least stop trying to force their way of life on us.

    If there is anybody that needs to shut up it is CAIR, ayatollas that issue death sentences for western journalists, muslims who protest western freedom of the press because of cartoons, muslim apologists who justify rape as a 'cultural difference', etc.
  9. I don't see their armies occupying our country and promoting Islam. I think what your saying is kind of what they have been saying since the 90's to the US... Get out of our country, we don't want democracy, we have our women trained leave them alone. If you want our oil this is your price.
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    Saudi begged us to come in 91. We are about to leave Iraq thank goodness. I have no interest in americanizing the ME.
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