What is wrong with IB

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  1. This is strange, Bid Ask on top row quite different from market depth. BookTrader shows the same wacky thing.
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    I had a similar problem with YM today in IB. I thought it was zeroline but it was IB.

    Hey are you playing the midnight rally??

  3. I went to bed thinking how strange that was, and that something strange was going on. Well I woke up @ 4:30cst and power up and had to do a double take when I saw the futures down so much.
  4. Judging by the posts on this site, where do you start with the question "What's wrong with IB"?

    What isn't wrong here? I don't trade with them, but is it really that bad?
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    I'll try to chip in:

    1) Large percentage of the posters here are IB clients, hence many posts will be about IB.

    2) I think that people are more likely to post when they don't like something, instead of when they do. This tendency increases the percentage of negative comments you will see.

    3) Aside from the well thought out and carefully written posts, there are many in this forum that fall into one of the following 4 categories:

    a) The trader is not familiar w/ the details of how a particular feature works, he uses it, something else than what he expected happens, he gets angry/frustrated (because he would rather focus on the market action) and writes something in the heat of the moment.

    b) Some of the no-nonsense kind of traders, who are happy w/ simple and to-the-point software w/ no bells and whistles, do not like the frequent upgrades that we do. They will at times post to make their feeling clear.

    c) Some of the traders, who like to use the most of what technology can offer, will ask for modifications or addition in a derogatory way. e.g. "how difficult would it be to ...", or "I can't believe that they ...".

    d) Some traders who want us to make a change or address an issue, will post a negative comment in the belief/hope that it will make us work faster/better. "The squeakiest wheel ..." kind of thing.

    I believe that such posts give the non-users the wrong impression.
  6. I have been a happy client of Interactive Brokers for a few years now. Yes, I have some suggestions for improvement, but anyone with a brain should be able to come up with a few for any broker.

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    I have only had an account for 4 months. overall, they are great. They are going through software upgrades and adding new tools to the mix. I have not really had any problems. Furthermore, when I have had problems. They go away quickly. The above problem went away after I logged out and logged back in. You cannot complain with the decent commissions and all the great data. If something is not working IB appears to get it working quickly. I am satisfied. The only complaint I have is that the optiontrader/option analysis slows down and jams up my machine these days. It never did before (I am using 847.8----I believe this is the latest---IBsoft chime in). I would be complaining if I were trading more options with them. I am confident that they will get any bugs worked out. :)
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    IBsoft Interactive Brokers

    We'll have a look at 847.8. Thank you for your kind words.
  9. it's a high-tech bucket shop, like I've been saying since the day they hung out their high-tech shingle.
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    TGM, delete the log files in ibjts subdirectory. I had problems with optiontrader but they went away after doing this and also freed up 27gb.
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