what is wrong with IB today

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by chewbacca, Nov 5, 2007.

  1. the data is soo slow
  2. just21


    Mine was ok but has now gone slow
  3. seems everything okay now but 9:55 to 10:02 was terrible.....just before data release and a 7 point spike up
  4. charts still not working though, thank god for QT
  5. What music are they playing on hold today? :eek:
  6. Re: what the f---k is wrong with IB today

    Quite a few traders have made their money off the early pop and are waiting for the next opportunity or ready to call it quits (oops, just caught somemore on the drop back down) :D .

    If IB is giving you such a consistently bad experience, just treat it like any other BAD relationship and D.T.M.F. (I'll leave you to figure out the acronym) :p .

    (Sincerely) Good trading,

  7. Dual Tone Multi-Frequency ???
  8. charts are miraculasly working again.....lol, no never know what the next day brings with IB, totally unpredictable everyday.
  9. Take Your Chances

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