What is wrong with IB quote?

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by networm, Jan 6, 2003.

  1. networm


    ES quote suddenly jumped from 909 to 914 then back and forth for a couple of times. What is the problem?
  2. SubEtha


    09:56:48 To GLOBEX traders

    Mon Jan 6 09:56:48 2003 EST The ES and NQ market data on GLOBEX is diaplying incorrect market data.
    This issue is a problem at Globex that GLobex is working to correct.
  3. That kind of makes it hard to trade.
  4. qdz


    well, it is almost impossible for small players to trade futures in this kind of conditions which are very common and happen very frequently. Remeber, this is just one case of many.

  5. Got screwed out of a long position at 911.25 this morning. My stop was triggered on incorrect data 30 seconds after entry.

    This SUX!!!!!:mad:
  6. Quah


    Very common and happen very frequently? LOL. When is the last time something like *this* happened?
  7. same thing happened to me. I think this is Globex's fault and not my broker though.

  8. SubEtha


    The problems are from Globex. (the exchange)
    It has nothing to do with IB or big/small players.

    The playing field is equally messed up for everyone in these conditions. Get creative, watch the T&S, and use market orders and manual stops.

    There is no windmill here, qdz, I repeat, NO WINDMILL! :)
  9. dbphoenix


    You forget, Quah. You're talking to qdz :p