What is wrong with cheating on someone?

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  1. If it's not against the law, then why not cheat?

    What are the consequences anyways? That he or she might leave you, how does that matter, you can always find another person, what will be your loss anyways?

    Also so what if someone cheats on you, if you ever find out just leave the person, or if you like them just forgive them, or just live with it?

    I'm not trying to be funny, I really don't understand how it all matters.

    What is the difference between having multiple partners one after another over any given time span or having multiple partners within any given period of time? How does the time factor even have any serious impact on our idea of which is right and which is wrong? So long as the person is not a virgin, what difference does it make if he or she is being used while you are using him or her or if he or she was used in the past, used is used? For example if I have a new car, I won't let anyone drive it, but if I have a used car, I don't mind lending it to others.
  2. Let me guess, you vote for Obama?
  3. If you need to not be faithfull then just tell the person so they can do it too ...dickhead.
  4. If you want to cheat on your boyfreind, then just do it already and stop wasting cyber space, homo.
  5. Cheating on someone reflects a personality and ethos that can't be trusted, in any circumstance, whether a personal relationship, business partnership, or any other matter.

    If you ever hang out with people that are cheating on their spouses or partners, they would also cheat on you.

    If you accept them given that, and would still do business with them, and trust them, you are incredibly naive.
  6. If it's not against the law, then why not cheat?

    How will she know that she is special? If you share your thoughts words smiles time and money with any and every woman, fidelity/intimacy would be the only thing you could offer that would let her know that she is special.
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    ROFLMAO. I'm a lifelong independent and it never ceases to amaze me how pious some Republicans are. Hypocritical too. Any chance you're one of them?
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    I believe that this example is the worst comparison to a relationship with another that I have ever heard. It goes to prove a point that I have thought true for a long time.

    The point is that there is a complete and total lack of moral fibre in most people today and you have accurately demonstrated that.

    When I married my wife 40 years ago, I gave her my word to "Love, Honor, Cherish and Obey, in Sickness and in Health for as Long as We Shall Live" . That word was freely given and meant.

    You on the other don't want to keep your word or be faithful and that demonstrates your lack of respect for YOURSELF as much as the other person!
  9. Hell, with all these loose women running around now adays you must have the patience of Job. Seriously, the right thing to do is break it off if you can't behave.
  10. Here is a cheating liar (after all, if you cheat on your wife, aren't you also a liar?) that is celebrated at least weekly on CNBC. Would you want to do business, and would you trust, a sleezy bag of crap like that?

    But then Squawk's executive producer left his wife and kids for Becky Quick. A den of scumbags, that is CNBC! :p

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