What is wrong with a NWO?

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  1. Even if there is going to be a new world order, what is wrong with it?

    I am not an advocate of beliefs like; 'each person has to pay the price of his actions', but then pretty much everyone in the world is. So why all these people who believe in consequence of action should not pay the price of thousands of years of stupidity so dearly?

    All these inefficient systems they build and abide to, and almost worship, they give all their power and thoughts to them, and then expect to not be abused by them, what a joke, and then you say humans are innocent victims of people with greater power?

    The more you think (like they think) about it, the more you see people deserve it and deserve even worse. People deserve any amount of suffering, because they are willing to live it (some even thank god for it, haha), action and inaction, don't people think their beliefs might haunt their pathetic lives one day?
  2. But they do, everyday.
    The indian caste system, the catholic church, islam, everyday, dimwitted nimrods gain power from collective stupidity to further -more retarded half wittery.

    People have, on occasion, even been convinced to vote for the party of their choice, in demcratic systems.

    But i will entertain the delusion, for a moment, that any person, could, stand up against demagoguery, could make a difference, could do something-nope, they are, and have been historically, slaughtered like dogs for the common good.

    That is what "normal" people, with a conscience, have done for eons, strangely, real martyrs for humanity go unnoticed among the throng of worthless saints and victorious generals.
  3. besides being pure satanism? it's one big happy family of killing and slaughter. yeah... let's all celebrate good times.
  4. Old world disorder is good?

  5. achilles28


    Its nothing short of Evil to exploit and subjugate the less sophisticated, intelligent or strong for personal benefit.

    Should we rob and beat old ladies because they're "Weaker' than us?

    Why not rape the retarded? Or enlist the mentally ill as lab rats? Afterall, whose going to stand up for them??

    Your narratives on the Elite are right on. But your moral compass is fucked. Sorry to say it, but you're well on your way to the Dark Side.

    There is such a thing as Truth, Justice, Goodness and God.

    It is not too late for you.

    Standing up for Truth might cost us everything. But at least we lived and died for Good.
  6. same globalists dumbass. go to your mid afternoon scientology meeting.. you're late.
  7. for me the value of an entity is mainly based on it's capabilities

    had i been born into a world where things happen with or without a reason or cause, I would not think like this, but the main assumption is that there is 'a reason' behind everything in this world, so I can not come up with any reason to think morals are real values, unless you are specific about what moral values are, then maybe we can argue about the value of each given subject

    as an answer to your question of 'then should we do this or that', reading the above statements you can guess why I would say; if it is of profit to you and you are sure you can get away with it, why not?!

    in reality the most likely scenario is; you can beat old ladies only a few times until one day you will get caught, on that day almost no one will forgive you, why? because they believe in morals or God, no, because they know one day they will grow old too, and if there are more people like you then they might get beat up too. So they will punish you, hoping others will fear to become like you.

    but what if people didn't get old and the old ladies weren't their relatives or friends, would they care if anyone beat them to death? hardly, the same people who care if sheep get slaughtered or not

    anyhow to stand up against NWO isn't because of morals or God, it is because the person sees himself in other people's place and sympathizes with them

    but that is not the case with me, I don't see myself with people or of people or one of people, and I don't like to

    when I was a teenager I used to think; why the fuck 7 billion people on this planet, why don't we get rid of them? but now I think; it's really not that necessary, so long as they work and contribute to this world more than they get from it we can keep them, but once it turns the other way around they can be eliminated by the nature of a 'well planned out system'
  8. actually that's pretty funny
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    You hit the nail on the head with lack of empathy.

    Forget strangers.

    What if the NWO offed your children? Or parents? Or friends? How would you feel then?

    Now, all those drooling plebs you hold little regard for ARE someones Mother, Father, Child or Friend. Cared about just as much as you do for yours.

    And if they have no one? Even Not More Woe Unto Them, No??

    Don't kid yourself. The NWO doesn't care about any of us. Unless you own stock in a Central Bank, hold convenient political office or donated Billions to the cause, the NWO couldn't give a shit about you - regardless if you're a card-carrying, starry-eyed admirer.

    And that callous disregard for human life you see as cunning genius is the same one that will be exacted on you and yours when the times comes.

    Us COMMONERS share the same fate in the eyes of the NWO.

    Don't fool yourself. Only Political, Industrial and Criminal Royalty allowed.
  10. As always it is about money and power. The main goal of New World Order is to create financial gap between extremely rich and the rest. This gap will be impossible to pass so if you are working class (slave) your children and grand children and so on…. Will be slaves forever.
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