What is with the Dow's voodoo these days?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Overnight, Feb 6, 2018.

  1. Overnight


    So Friday the thing closes 666 points down, then today it hit a low of 567 point down, then closes 567 up?!?

    What a bugger.
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  2. Vindicating numerology o_O
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  3. That means a trader Hero is in the Making,...the Stars, are aligning divinely,
    (i was about to say or imply me...but i don't want to get arrogant, or jinx myself)

    Make Trading Great Again 2018...High-Five` :confused: ET, extraterrestrial traders

    My PO Box number has 666 in it. and my Checking and Savings account numbers both have 666 in them.
    I see 777 alot...within bar codes, item numbers, youtube video views, prices, license plates, etc etc wherever numbers may appear.
    and my Trading Account number has 888 within it.

    Every field has... The Chosen One, or The Chosen Few.
    For one reason or another...the cosmos and variables are all working in sync, to bring you to your rightful destination. -- if you're the kind of person who believes in that stuff of numerology, religion, destiny, spirituality, and/or etc misc,
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  4. Overnight


    Hmm capitals of HM...Is that a clue about something?
  5. modern


    If you look closely at the numbers, you’ll get an interesting pattern. But it’s just a coincidence in my opinion because there’ve been no repeating of this during previous weeks.