What is with the Chinese going crazy and hacking up students?

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  1. I think they are learning from America now.

    stressed and pissed off, take a gun go to schools shoot everything in sight, too bad they don't have access to firearms
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    it's hard to know how to react to a story like this. is there any lesson to be learned? do we just throw our hands up in futility?

    If there is anything to be learned when we see something like this, it is the importance of reaching out to people...connecting....I'm talking about strangers, neighbors.

    I'm guessing this guy probably felt disconnected from the world, alone. Just a guess. I could be totally wrong. I don't know what else to do with a story like that other than get depressed.
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    Incapacity to handle capitalism? More = More Stress

    More is Less and Less is More. They allowed the western ways to corrupt their simple ways.
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  5. Hitting school kids with a hammer, and then setting yourself on fire in front of the class?

    WTF? :confused:
  6. Maiming and killing innocent little ones is the most horrible thing a man can do.