What is UPC11830 rule?

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    ? TIA
  2. A. Securities restricted by UPC 11830 are NASDAQ securities that, as published by
    the NASD, show an aggregate clearing short position of 10,000 shares or more ... etc.

  3. Sorry, didn't have the other "paste" in...here you go...

    What are Nasdaq Restricted Companies (UPC 11830)?
    Nasdaq Restricted Companies (UPC 11830)-The Nasdaq Stock Market, in cooperation with the National Securities Clearing Corporation, publishes a daily list of securities restricted under Uniform Practice Code 11830. Under SEC rules, NASD members may be required to close out short sales in Nasdaq securities that meet a certain clearing short position threshold. StockHouse displays a special "R" restricted indicator next to the Latest Price on all real-time quotation displays for individual Nasdaq National Market or Nasdaq SmallCap Market issues.

  4. David I

    David I

    I got the UPC11830 rule message (that or that shares can't be found for shorting) from IB this morning when trying to short the DIA.

    Rather than waiting on hold, etc. I moved on to other things (like shorting SPY which was no problem).

    But ... has anyone ever gotten such a message from IB and called them and gotten shares to short (or something fixed so you can short the issue) as a result of your phone call (or chat)???


    - David