What is up with this rally?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Ivanovich, Feb 13, 2008.

  1. Not that I care, but it's not following any of the logic it has followed in the last few months. Carry trades are selling off, metals, too. 10 year is still up as well...This, in addition to all the bad news out there coming across the feed. The retail sales numbers weren't even that good when you dive into them.

    Yet the market is up on...?
  2. Interesting nobody is posting threads like these when we tank 3% accompanied by a similar vaccuum of plausible circumstances. We only need 'reasons' when we go up?
  3. The market is doing well.... shut up and trade it.
  4. i agree - especially when you look at what happened in the bond market yesterday.armageddon - over 100 bond muni auctions failed. banks have stopped supporting the market.
  5. the market was oversold and it's option expiration week.
  6. End of the world rally.
  7. didnt Bush sign the stimulus bill? we are saved!
  8. in the market environment, reasons are irrelevant - Mark Douglas
  9. If there is good news, carry trades rocketing, metals up and the market is down, I would ask a similar question.

    Thanks for playing, we have some nice consolation prizes for you.
  10. I am. I'm just curious if folks had an explanation for the disconnect between certain indicies. I see you do not. Thanks for playing.
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