What is UP with IB lately????

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by the_dude, Apr 23, 2002.

  1. I know most of us love IB and all, myself included, but the recent instability of my connection to IB is really getting on my nerves!

    This is like 3 weeks now where I get booted at least 3x daily, whereas before that it hardly ever happened.

    What is going on?
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    Have you tried another isp? I have had no problems over the last few weeks.
  3. HMMM...that could be it!

    My ISP has been pretty shitty lately, but usually when I lose my IB connection, it attempts to login many many times, while everything else (data feed, e mail, internet explorer) are all still connected.

    Is it possible that sometimes my ISP could only screw up my connection to IB and nothing else?
  4. IB TWS 4.0 software monitors quality of connection and performs disconnect/reconnect at its own discretion.
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    I switched from a standard isp to one offering an uncontested port on the internet and it has been as steady as a rock.
  6. IB is running absolutely stable last days - for me.
    It is 80% an ISP problem.

    If you still use a modem or something, try to get DSL
    by all means. I use DSL for 12 months and i am enlightened
    by the speed and the rock-solid reliability.
  7. I have DSL, had been rock-solid for 6mos, now has been flaking out CONSTANTLY.

    I'll call tech support and bitch 'em out a little bit.

    Glad to hear it's not IB! (Sorry IB).


    Thanks for your help,
  8. I have DSL too... my charts have no problem with the connection... the voice for our trading room is very good... my other broker does not disconnect. I also get e-mails from IB apologizing for the rash of connection related issues because of their ethernet switches. And you guys assume it's ISP related? Please explain your logic here. Thank you.

  9. lol, lately???...you mean off and on for 3 years...IB's problems have been well documented here and in a variety of other venues...This is not simply an ISP problem...IB has sent out more bulletins than I can remember over the past month with reference to Globex disconnections, router switches, etc...

    In my personal opinion, alot of this has to do with the growth in popularity of the mini contracts, the low commissions IB offers and hence the humongous influx of new clients and the fact that many former equity daytraders have made the switch to futures in the past 1-2 years...
  10. ...Strange. I cannot remember any noticable IB login / connection
    problems except those many of us were embarrassed about
    (IB outages + Bulletin Disconnect Problem). REALLY.
    Do you use a firewall software ?
    Maybe you both check down your system configuration - it
    could be the same problem.
    How often do you get disconnected ?
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