What is up with all the anti-IB threads lately?

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by bungrider, Nov 11, 2003.

  1. The preponderance of "IB blew my stops..." and "IB trades against us..." and "IB's quotes don't work..." threads is getting kind of annoying.
  2. Tell me about it.

    Translation: "IB blew my stops..." . . . . I used mental ones and failed to issue a hard stop on time.

    "IB trades against us..." . . . . I hit BUY instead of SELL because I'm panicking

    "IB's quotes don't work..." . . . . . I'm trading with 3 monitors full of charts on a 28.8k modem and it takes 35 seconds to ping IB

    Those who can, trade. Those who can't, complain about their broker etc
  3. It almost looks and sound like a planned systematic campaign.
  4. It's probably just a natural correction: IB has been growing so fast and been praised so much that 1. customers are plenty, and 2. expectations are high.
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    Very Funny.:D :D
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    yeah thats it ........ LOL.

    I personally think IB's customer face - other than DEF who tries to be helpful - is terrible. Of course it probably isn't cost effective to actually answer customer questions completely and accurately.
  7. It's probably just mostly human nature...we're a lot less likely to start a thread: IB worked today just like it is supposed to

    Much more vocal when things go how we don't like them, complaining, than when everything just goes along how it should
  8. Also if you notice that all these posts simply make general assertions. None of the posters described any of the specifics of the situtions.

    Some other posts like this are
    TWS is slow because its Java (the only reason Java is slow is because you haven't upgraded your PII 66 computer). Of course the person who spreads this one fails to realize that C++ apps access graphics packages and many other code intermediaries alot like Java.
  9. I don't know about this, but I get the impression that if C++ gets an itch it simply scratches it, while Java needs to put a condom on its finger first to avoid contamination, and of course the condom has to be requested from the remote host and kept in the queue until all its permissions are checked and it gets clearance.
  10. Wrong dude. IB blows stops. They just did it again today. I am
    moving my account to Tradestation. They are more professional
    and reliable than IB. IB is cheap, too cheap. You guys in this
    thread sound like anti- Christians or something, like IB is Christ... :eek:
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