"What Is Trading?"

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by Rogue Trader, Sep 2, 2002.

  1. Trading is about making money.

    The rest is bullshit ...
    #51     Nov 17, 2002
  2. Te'

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    Perhaps to you the rest is bullshit, but some of us like to make the loot and then speak of the process...
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  3. """Perhaps to you the rest is bullshit, but some of us like to make the loot and then speak of the process..."""

    I think you've just helped demonstrate why Metooxx is rich and you're not.
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  4. The degree to which a trader can make money is merely a consequence of how well he has learned to lose it. If you ever want to know what level of trader you are, take notice of "How do I act when I lose money?" The answer will not be found in knowing that trading is about making money. The answer is in understanding the need for and having the ability to trade your past (Bullshit) for the money.
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  5. Greco


    "The ordinary way is the way."

    Zen Proverb
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  6. would you say the same about life?
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  7. Te'

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    I would! Life is all about what my two hands can grab... The rest is simply bull-shit... Now gimmee, gimmee, gimmee...
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  8. Trading is about making money; life is about being the best you can be in whatever you are doing.

    Sometimes there is correlation; and sometimes not ...
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  9. Life, for the vast majority of Earth's population, is largely a matter of survival; about producing enough to be able to satisfy the basic requirements of life.

    In the west, we are 'fortunate' (it wasn't really simply a matter of luck) to be able to argue about no end of life is about this's and life is about that's. In that case, do what pleases you, as long as what you do doesn't impinge on anyone else's right to do the same.
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  10. TSaimoto

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    Personally, I think life is to be creative.

    I think creative thoughts toward trading makes me money trading.

    I feel very fulfilled when I come up with a idea or concept that works or that helps me in trading.

    Finding and understanding something that I couldn't feel before is also fulfilling in life.
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