"What Is Trading?"

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  1. "Does a trader have Buddha nature?"

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  2. C'mon, I don't have any beef with you. I express my thoughts and you express yours. There's no negativity towards that. You are being yourself and I'm being myself. I have a point, you have a point. You have your course of experience and your perspectives towards that, along with mine.

    There's no difference between what we are doing. Some things there's an agreement, some things there's not. So really, no beef with you. I look at trading as I wrote. It's just trading. Who am I? Me. That's it... I don't have your poetic like perception.

    But there are aspects of trading or me. They're parts of a whole, and I have my thoughts for them, also.
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  3. MU! :D :D :D

    You raise an interesting point, stating something about what "trading is" indeed affirms one thing and denies another...

    I understand what Joshu was pointing at with the Koan, but as long as the reader is intelligent enough to understand that words will always miss the "absolute" mark, the words can still point a finger.

    "The finger pointing at the moon is not the moon itself"

    PEACE and good trading,
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  4. No, I didn't disagree at all, just commenting on the unique posts. :)

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  5. OK, well liked yours very much :D

    PEACE and goodtrading Don,
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  6. Don't give me too much credit for deep insight- I was just having fun. I studied Korean and Japanese Zen for a little while, years ago, and some of the koans stuck. I think that in Korea, they are called something else. This was in my martial arts days, before kids.

    Now, I get all the enlightenment that I need from their observations on life! Chopping wood and carrying water become raking leaves and mowing lawns!


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  7. MU!

    Nothing... oh it's not nothing because I said nothing... ahhh... MU! Ahhh... it's not MU again. Because I said MU!

    Funny stuff.

    Trading... ahhh... wait trading is trading...

    Funny again.
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  8. Being that this thread was starting to diverge from it's initial intention -- I decided to start a new one entitled GG HATES "What is Trading"

    PEACE Commisso
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    Trading is figuring out what you are looking at, as well as what you are looking through...
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  10. stocon


    Trading for me has been an irresistible hump,illusion,mountain, impossibility and intellectual quest.
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