"What Is Trading?"

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by Rogue Trader, Sep 2, 2002.

  1. Trading is loving the plateau...
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  2. Trading is constant repetition of a common theme...
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  3. Trading is the realization that in the end RISK will be the only vehicle to get you to where you want to go...
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  4. Trading is the weak-hearted selling to the bull-headed

    Trading is the optimistic buying from the pessimistic

    Trading is winners and losers interacting with losers and winners

    Trading is a multidimensional optimization problem embedded in a self-modifying environment populated by adaptive, bounded-rational utility maximizers
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  5. Trading is a constant leap into the dark...
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  6. nice ones Alpha! :)
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  7. Trading is is simplicity in the face of chaos...
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  8. Trading is harmony in the face of discord...
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  9. Commisso, ok we get it... let's put it all together.

    Trading is just trading. You don't have mix us all up with words.

    Trader is to be trading. How that?
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  10. Gann,

    I post these thoughts because I enjoy writing about the game -- if it is putting others in a state of perpetual confusion then they need only to put me on ignore :)

    Words should never intefere with the process; for they are simply words... Words have no bearing on the trading ----> the trading creates the words...

    And Gann don't take yourself seriously enough to think that you speak for the entire comunity of Elite Trader... I really enjoyed Rogue's thoughts and I am sure someone somewhere enjoys mine...

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