"What Is Trading?"

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  1. Trading is the canvas in which you paint your self portrait.

    Trading is the harmony you hear when you choose to forgive yourself.

    Trading is getting over yourself, despite yourself.

    Trading is being afraid, but doing it anyway.

    Trading is the pardoning of prisoners from your past experiences.

    Trading is defining what you can control and accepting what you can not.

    Trading is finding out your losses will become your greatest gains of all.

    Trading is forgetting where you have been so you can devote your energies on where you need to go.

    Trading is the judging and sentencing of oneself.

    Trading is asking yourself "What if", rather than "Why".

    Trading is about the ability to act with conviction when entered into confusion.

    Trading is letting the proof of a position be bore by the market and the responsibility to act as planned be bore by oneself.

    Trading is the unit of measure by which you can test your limits.

    Trading is a garden of personal growth within a field of opportunity.

    Trading is the ability to focus attention on your surroundings instead of yourself.

    Trading is made secure by the procurement of self- trust.

    Trading is the illusion of self; fostered by the ego and fueled by the guilt, fear, and anger within.

    Trading is the journey that takes you through knowledge and returns you back to simplicity.

    Trading is a process of discovery aided by others but found by oneself.

    Trading is the foreshadowing of where you will go by the journal of where you have been.

    Trading is an exercise of the mind without the straining of the soul.

    Trading is the monitoring of your thoughts and understanding they are not you, but only thoughts.

    Trading is the rewarding of risk so you can continue to risk your rewards.

    Trading is the recognition of patterns in the market as well as in oneself.

    Trading is the shaking of the meek by the hand of the strong.

    Trading is the struggle within yourself when you choose conflict over submission.

    Trading is choosing patience when lured by the bait of excitement.

    Trading is knowing the difference between what trading really is and what others would lead you to believe it to be.

    Trading is the confidence you keep by the persistence you are willing to pay.

    Trading is something to do with money. I just haven't figured out what quite yet.
  2. Very nice work Rogue. Very nice. Essentially a journal of observation and experience. Very nice.

    Of course you could have added...
  3. Trading is submission, but not passive resignation...
  4. Thanks for the thoughts! How very true they are:)
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    Trading is enlightenment, thus it is art.
  6. Trading is the art of getting out of your own way...

    Trading is a dance with the sacred geometry of chance...

    Trading is an endless journey with no end in sight...

  7. Trading is the killing of oneself -- inorder to know ones self for the first time...
  8. Trading is embracing ones weakness in-order to overcome what is hard and strong...
  9. Trading is the space between...
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    >>Trading is the killing of oneself -- inorder to know ones self for the first time...<<

    I vote this line the best post ever on ET.

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